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What do you think of the new web site / blog?
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So, I've rebuilt my web page from the ground up yet again. In doing so, I have gotten rid of the SquareSpace template I was using, and also their hosting. While it's a great site for what it is, the templates there were a bit bland. Not that this is going to be some fancy show piece, but I like having more control over how things are displayed, etc.

I've built this site using Adobe Muse, and the only drawback that I've found so far is the blogging capabilities. There really is none. You have to use a widget within the program to link to a third-party blog, which is annoying. I had originally moved all of my blog posts to my old Blogger site, but the display through the related RSS feed looked horrid, and couldn't be customize it at all. Believe me, I spent a lot of time trying to format it to look even partially decent as a feed and failed miserably.

That led me to this here Nabble place. I am able to format the design a little more, and whatever I put here is exactly how it is shown on my website.

I am NOT going to copy all of my old blog posts as I did previously for the SquareSpace site. If you really want to read them you can go here.

It's been a while since I've designed a website, so bear with me as I go through the learning curve yet again with Muse. It's kind of fun relearning this stuff, but also frustrating as well. Even learning simple HTML for this blog to format nicely is taxing my brain. It's a challenge - and I love those.

So, thanks for visiting - if you are. This could just be an exercise in entertaining myself, and I'm okay with that.

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Testing to see if this will work with my new Muse website.